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Converting your Bath Tub (Tub-Cut-To-Walk-In) into a Walk-In Tub

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Converting Your Bath Tub
(Tub-Cut-To-Walk-In) into a Walk-In Tub

This is the most affordable solution to give you independence. Converting bathtub to a walk-In-Tub is perfect for elders and handicapped individuals looking to save money and improve their safety during bathing. Often when a person losses the ability to step safely into their bathtub because of falling, they stop using their bathtubs, and if they have caregivers, this option is safer for both the caregiver and patient, making bathing enjoyable again. Converting a bathtub into a Walk-In-Tub involves “cutting out” or removing a section of the side of your bathtub to lower the side or threshold and make it easier to step in and out of the bathtub. Tub cut out modifications can be done with most types of bathtubs. Whether you have a cast-iron, steel, fiberglass or vinyl tub we can cutout a section and cover it with a flat step, lowering the height you have to lift your leg to get into the tub. This creates the functionality of a walk-in-shower when a budget wont allow for a walk-in-shower.

Converting your Bath Tub (Tub-Cut-To-Walk-In) into a Walk-In Tub
Converting your Bath Tub (Tub-Cut-To-Walk-In) into a Walk-In Tub

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